Lumos Phantom


There would always comes a moment, when you feel there is an immense energy that rushes through every veins in your body that you feel like you could conquer the world, took charge of everything that comes your way. The not-give a f**k attitude and you feel unapologetic about it. 

Black is such a colour. It is a colour of power and strength. The Phantom, seek inspiration from those who are always daring to stand out from the crowd, never to be generic. The darkness of the watch face, hands, bezel and leather strap completed the look for an edgy and stoic timepiece. It is a bold statement and a non-apologetic testimony. This matte black timepiece is a visually stunning watch that promises to captivate. 

We are launching on Kickstarter on 4th July and we need your support to launch our project. Early bird promo starts at USD89.00 only.