Lumos Ethereal


Lumos Ethereal, is a champagne rose gold coloured minimalist watch. It is for those who seek clarity and focus on pursuing their aspiration. Its' semi-metallic pearlescent white sheen watch face furnishing with champagne rose gold bezel, resulted in a stunning aesthetic, visually. It does not bear down on the eyes, pleasantly looking and always inviting. It is a classic timepiece that suits all occasions.

To bring the beauty of Lumos Ethereal, we have chosen 4 different colours straps to match with. There is a selection of Dark Mahagony, Saddle Tan, Elephant Grey and Blossom Pink. Each matches the champagne rose gold perfectly. 


For a more classic look, Dark Mahagony is the perfect match with Lumos Ethereal. Although, its shade of colour suit a more formal setting, it is, without a doubt, still a versatile watch that suit any occasion. The dark brown, almost black with a hint of red colour genuine leather seasoned well with each wear. It aged finely. 

Our Saddle Tan, is a classic style with a modern twist. It is young and refreshing. The matching of the champagne rose gold with the Saddle Tan colour attract attention with its subtle and clean design. 


For something more modern, our Elephant Grey colour is the to go colour with Lumos Ethereal. The suppleness of the leather makes our watch a comfy wear with a stylish outlook. 

In you are looking for something more feminine, delicate and sweet. Our blossom pink suits your lookbook perfectly. If joyful and fun is the vibes that you aim for, this colour is right at your alley.