Making the Lumos by Lacqna

Lumos is the 1st design by the design studio of Lacqna. The overarching objective is to create an elegance and timeless timepiece that is without the luxury markup that Malaysian can be proud of. To create a brand that eventually would be internationally renowned.


Lumos, in essence, means, luminosity or luminescence. It was decided upon seeing how the dome mineral glass reflected lighting in such a mellowing warmth effect, gently. It was also conceptually to signify how time should always be your guidance in all the choice you make in life. After all, time is the only commodity that you can’t buy. And this also aligned with our designed philosophy, minimalism is not the lack of but rather the prioritization of. To spend time wisely and carefully. Doing things that matter.



            When they ask how you persevere
                                  tell them
               unlike those people who do not
          I have never been afraid of darkness
                      for I continue to dance
                    in the company of shadow
                      for my heart is my light


For the casing, we have chosen to go with a sizeable 40mm diameter which ultimately translated in a unisex design. Finding a balance in between the sexes is not an easy task. The size, colour, geometrical and lines all makes a different in presenting how the end product would skew towards a certain sex. As a result, we have forgone for printing of the minute index on the watch face and opted for a physical small square minute index. We found that if we would have printed the minute index, optically the watch would look much bigger on a 40mm casing. Ladies, would not be quite fond with such an aesthetically ‘big’ looking watch. It also looks much cleaner as well without the striking lines.


In nature, dress watch would need to be slim enough to tug nicely under your long sleeve to avoid any creases on your smoothly iron shirt. We have chosen to go with Seiko VX50e which is a slim quartz movement with 2 hands design. With this, we are able to design a watch that is only 7mm in thickness. The whole watch is only weighted at 41g and it ‘hug’ nicely at your wrist with our supple genuine ox leather.

Since watch always reflects the personality of the wearer. we have chosen to design 3 different colours. Lumos Classic, would be a rose gold casing with white watch face. Something that is timeless and sophisticated. Lumos Rogue, is a copper gold casing with black watch face. It is subtle yet noticeable with its copper gold casing. It draws one’s attention but without needing to scream for it. Lumos Phantom, is an all-black watch with matte black as casing. Stoic is the work to look for when describing this timepiece.

For the hands, we have opted to go for die-cut watch hands which are a ‘gutted’ needle which resulted in a beautiful shadow cast on the watch face. The idea was inspired by the sundial which is a device used to tell time in ancient time using the movement of the sun and shadow.

All things considered, Lumos is a well designed timeless timepiece that is perfect for both gents and ladies in daily wears.